What is Tex Shield

TEX SHIELD is a two component, 1:1, 100% solids, fast set, liquid applied, modified polyurea liner system for metal, concrete, fiber glass and wood surfaces.

TEX SHIELD may be applied at any rate to achieve desired thickness. Theoretical coverage for 1 mil thickness
is one gallon per 1600 sq. ft.

Both Part-A and Part-B material should be preconditioned at 26.7°-32.2° Celsius (80-90°F) before application. Recommended surface temperature must be at least 5°F above the dew point. TEX SHIELD should be applied using a plural component, heated, high pressure 1:1 spray mixing equipment like Graco’s Reactor, Glass Craft or other equivalent machine may be used. Both Part-A and Part-B materials should be sprayed at a minimum of 2000 psi and at temperatures above 150°F. Adequate pressure and temperature should be maintained at all times. TEX SHIELD should be sprayed in smooth, multidirectional passes to improve uniform thickness
and appearance.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is this floor chemical resistant?
    Yes it is chemical resistant. Please refer to our TDS for more information.
  • Where can you install this floor?
    Practically everywhere with the right preparation.
  • Is this floor slip resistant?
    Yes it is and the installer can add more texture if required. More texture adds more traction=more anti-slip properties.
  • Can this floor be installed by DIY's?
    No, this type of floor installation requires special training and a specialized equipment.
  • Is TEX SHIELD water proof?
    Short answer, yes. However the preparation is key to have a successful installation and avoid any water penetration on the top coat.
  • Can you do other colours?
    Yes we can. Please reach out to our sales team for more information.


Professional Installation

Tex Shield is professionally installed. 


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We back up our products with a 10 year limited warranty for any defects in manufacturing. 


Custom solutions

If you have specific criteria related to the performance of the coatings, contact us. It is possible to adjust or design formulations to suit the qualifications required.

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