Our industry leading TEX SHIELD SYSTEM has had a lot of success in the cannabis growing industry because unlike epoxy coating, our TEX SHIELD SYSTEM will not crack or fail.

Rex Innovation has worked closely with a number of facilities to repair the negative effects when choosing to coat your walls with epoxy coating, negative effects such as

-Cracking at the joints
-Pinholes in the walls
-Loss of temperate/humidity into your structure potentially causing damage to walls and structure of building
-VOC’s due to being a solvent based product on the PSX-700
-Mold to your structure

We developed TEX SHIELD SYSTEM to create a uniform seal over your facilities surface. This uniformed seal on the surface of your walls, roof and floor creates an

Easy to clean surface
-Monolithic envelope inside your cultivation room (floor, walls and ceiling)
-100% solids (NO VOC’S)
-Higher elongation and abrasion resistance compared to epoxy
-Coating thickness between 40-60 mils (depending on substrate)
-Reflective light for your crop

Rex Innovations created a 3 layer coating system called TEX SHIELD, designed to form a complete seal along the surfaces of your floor, walls and roof in your cultivation grow rooms. This complete seal gives you more control of the temperature and humidity by not allowing moisture and high temperatures to seep through and enter the walls and structure of your building/warehouse.

TEX SHIELD is a water resistant sealant, which allows for an easy spray clean but has also proved useful as an abrasion and impact resistance. Protecting your floors from chemicals, water damages and abrasions all while allowing an easy clean.

We believe that having a complete seal is your first line of defence from mold in your structure and humidity seeping into your walls/structure. TEX SHIELD SYSTEM is professionally installed and comes with a 10 TEN YEAR WARRANTY. This is a far superior alternative to epoxy coating because we offer a tough flexible membrane that allows no water, humidity or heat out of your grow room.

We at Rex Innovations understand that every project, grow house and outdoor climate is unique and requires different attention, we will work directly with your facility manager to solve problems often encountered with marijuana cultivation rooms and advice you every step of the way.