Tex Shield System

Rex Innovations has created the TEX SHIELD SYSTEM.Its our proprietary 3 LAYER coating system. Consisting of our TEX PREP liquid membrane, TEX SHIELD and a food grade top coat.

Our system is designed to be applied to all surfaces of a cultivation room in your cannabis production facilities (roof, walls, and floor) creating a complete seal. Giving you the advantages of a complete seal that protects your cultivation room from water penetration, also giving the grower technician assistance to help better control over air flow, humidity levels, temperature balance, and proper CO2 levels.

Not only does TEX SHIELD help provide the humidity and air flow control you need but also protects your magnesium board, your building structure and your product from the affects of moisture, mold or climate fluctuations. All of these due to is the adhesion properties, ease of cleaning and monolithic installation.Our Flexible durable armour also allows for an easy-efficient clean all while protecting your investments.

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